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Training in sailing

TORGUN offers structured trainings with briefing, warming up, etc. and on the water we will work actively towards improving position in the boat, boat speed and boat handling. We will work on each phase of the race from start to finnish with tailored exercises and practice races to facilitate improvements in racing tactics and strategy. TORGUN focuses on individual feedback and can offer video training.

Sailing theory

TORGUN can offer theoretical sessions on the following subjects:
  • wheather & wind tactics for sailing competitors
  • waves, currents & tide
  • weight trim, boat trim &  sail trim
  • rules (per phase in the regatta or as a quiz)
  • etc

Coaching during racing

TORGUN offers coaching during racing including pre-racing briefing on sailing instruction, wheather and strategy options, support on the water, coaching and individual race evaluation.

Endurance training & prevention of injuries

TORGUN can offer you support in setting up a tailored condition training programme for dry training. If needed we can consult experts in relation to prevention of injuries and support in revalidation programmes.
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